did I kill mf FX 8320?

well I started noticing in games my frame rates dropping over time and going fairly lower than normal. I lowered my overclock and still about the same. I basically reset every thing from my fsb and clocked down to 4.2ghz @ 1.44v and now its great and doesnt lock up on a burn test.

the funny thing is before @ 1.46- 1.48 @ 4.77-.89ghz it would not freeze with my fsb set to 230-233. It no longed stays stable at that and my computer keeps locking up randomly as well as now failing burn tests.

set @4.2ghz my games play perfectly smooth as well as higher fps and no lockups after hours of playing

kind of wondering if my cpu is dying since i was originally @ 4.9 @ 1.54 v which might have done it.
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  1. Maybe...

    Based on what I've been reading it seems that the recommended max voltage ranges between 1.5v (conservative) and 1.55v (aggressive). 1.54v is within the recommended range. But "recommended" does not mean it will absolutely not damage the CPU.

    How does it perform when you drop everything down to stock?
  2. Hmm couldnt say since ive never had it at stock clocks since i got it. The lowest ive seen is 4100 and it runs fine there too(after it used to lock up randomly it would sometimes default to that speed)

    It was just driving me crazy i thought it was my gpu going
  3. Have you been checking your temperatures of the cpu when its under load in the burn test?
  4. yes I have never over 50-55c under full load with those high voltages. where im clocked now its running 20c idle haha
  5. The temperatures, at least, are absolutely fine.

    The only thing that could've hurt it was the over-voltage.
  6. I would say try to do the overclocking process again starting from a point you know you are stable at. If it takes more voltage then before or less frequency then it may be a sign of processor degradation. It also may mean your power supply just isn't up to the task of handling everything at once if it's a cheap-o or is just wearing out. Also, if you have recently updated your video drivers try reverting back to the ones you had. These are the things that come to mind personally.
  7. temps are fine but I am able to run 4.5 now but any more i seem to be getting a shit ton of blue sceens on boot but nothing related to overclocking from what the codes were saying. It was doing it for some reason no matter where i set it till i set the vrm to not read temps and do current stability.

    also the vrms never get that hot. never seen them over 55 with a 233 fsb

    also my setup is in my sig

    my psu is a seasonic so no problems there and under full load testing voltages didnt fluctuate also its only a month old since i had to rma my other one since it failed

    Ive also tried a whole bunch of drivers from the betas to the 13.11 non beta release which is what im using now.

    everything seems fine now 85-120 fps in 64 players which seems about normal on ultra.

    im just hoping since i ordered my second 7970 that this cpu wont crap out on me, i believe 4.5 isnt enough for xfire 7970s. also I will be running a second dedicated psu for that card so I dont stress the psu.
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    You're right, the Seasonic power supplies are very good. Have you tried to use your latest motherboard BIOS? Sometimes different BIOS can act differently or more/less stable than other revisions. Other thing I would suggest is back up all your files and re-install windows again fresh to make sure all the software is working correctly. If your overclock wasn't stable it could have possibly caused data corruption in your operating system. Maybe you could also try to revert to a previous restore point if you have that ability enabled.
  9. i just saw there was a new bios update labeled stability issues haha some im going to give it a try but i believe its the cpu more than anything
  10. hmm well I believe you were right. updated the bios and it defaulted to stock setting and I placed every setting back identically as before minus upping the cpu current capabllity from 120 to 130 140 being max and lowering my llc from extreme to ultra high and I am currently an hour in on prime95 @ 4.660(actual is 4.675) and hasnt had any failures nor has it gone over 50c

    so now i am saying the cpu is fine and it was some sort of glitch in the bios or something
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