Optical drive not showing up in Boot priority list

Hi, I am building a new systems with AMD FX6300 & GA 78 LMT USB 3 mobo, Ram 4gb Cosair DDR3.
I am done with the installation & am into the BIOS setup. However, the boot priority list does not show my my optical drive.
I am using my old hard disk segate 250 gb ( with SATA port) & have connected it to the SATA port 2 on the mobo.
My optical drive is Samsung octo edge with IDE cable which is connected to the standalone IDE port on my Mobo.

In the Std CMOS, my Optical drive & HDD can be seen, but when I turn to boot priority list, I am able to see my HDD, no Optical drive. I have tried all combinations of changing wires, ports etc but still it doesn't show up.
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  1. Check in your BIOS. I think IDE/Legacy is disabled or not set as active.
  2. Also verify that the optical unit (the only device on that IDE port) is set to be the port's Master device, and plugged into the END connector of its data ribbon.
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  4. When setting the jumper on pins on the back edge of the optical unit to establish it as the Master device, use the diagram on the optical unit itself. Do NOT try to use a guide from some different device - there is no standard way of arranging these.
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