New computer Won't read motherboard cd, and no internet connecton

Hi, I just built my first PC, I'm running windows 8. Everything is going good so far, until I tried to use the motherboard cd, it won't load anything off the cd. I'm still new with computers. Now this wouldn't be an issue, but I can't connect to the internet to download the motherboard drive. I think I have realized that I need an Ethernet driver to get my internet working... Where and how would I get this?
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  1. does the cd-rom play audio cd or read any other disks?? is it showing up in the cmos?? check that both power and data cables are connected. most mb cd have the drivers in a driver folder on the cd and there all exe files. quick fix is drag and drop the driver folder onto a usb stick and then install the drivers that way. if not download the drivers from the mb vendors web page onto a usb stick.
  2. Do you mean the autorun of the DVD is not working? Or is it that your Drive is dead and it doesn't read the DVD? If it is the autorun,there's a solution.Right click on the drive ion and select Open.Then you can go to the Drivers folder and install all the necessary drivers by yourself. Just make sure that you install the proper drivers ( For X86 or X64 Operating system)
  3. I have installed my graphics card and it reads everything, i would go on the internet but I don't know how to get the ethernet driver I need to get the software from the ASUS website.
  4. I think by default,windows has a driver for the Network,and you should be able to connect to internet.
    Anyway,how did you install the graphics driver? And,did you try to browse the DVD and install the drivers?
  5. His graphics card is likely using the basic drivers installed with Windows.

    *Windows should have installed a suitable Ethernet driver for you. Let's troubleshoot:

    1) Do you have another computer attached to your MODEM/ Gateway/Router via Ethernet to confirm that device is working?

    2) Right-click the monitor icon in the lower-right of the DESKTOP and select "Troubleshoot problems" ...
  6. Do you see any yellow exclamation mark on the Network and Sharing centre icon located at the right end of the task bar? And...Have you configured your internet properly? I mean the Username and password and so....?
  7. K so I have downloaded all the mobo driver software on my old PC, transferred it onto my new one and I hav nothing still. I'm my device management I have the yellow icon on my ethernet and network, every time I try and search for One it said I have nothing there. I have also tried unzipping the files and most of them are multi filed folders that I can't unzip
  8. Well,the yellow indicator is to show that the driver is not yet installed.So what you need to do is,unzip the downloaded zip file.Just that.DON'T Unzip the cab files or some other files of the driver,which may appear like zip files,bt they're actually not meant to be unzipped. Next,run the Setup.exe file.
    If the setup.exe is not present,tell me the names of the executable files available.There must be a setup.exe,check it out.
  9. This is what I'm not understanding, the downloaded zip file for the mobo was actually in 47 different files. I don't know where the master unzip file would even be... I'll keep looking
  10. I have looked through all the folders that I downloaded,
    I could only find 2 files that I could unzip. This is the website that I downloaded everything from, maybe I'm just crazy and missed something that I should have downloaded.
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    Was this the driver you downloaded?
    Intel LAN Driver V18.5.54.0 for Windows 7/8/8.1 32bit & 64bit.(WHQL)
    It's A ZIP file with 70MB size.Just download it,unzip it,and there will be a file named Setup.exe,and you just install it,and you're good to go.
    Actually,the network driver comes under LAN in the download website.
    Similarly,you can download all the other drivers necessary like the Chipset,Audio and VGA,to install them on your PC and you're good to go.
  12. Wil I have to do this to all the files to get my mobo fully installed?
  13. No...You need only necessary drivers...Like the LAN driver,VGA,Audio and Chipset.....That's it...You're good.... :)
  14. Some points:

    1) In Windows 8, when you insert a DVD a purple bar slides from the very top-right. You can then CLICK on this to proceed.

    2) I recommend getting START8 from Stardock for $5. The new W8 interface is accessible via a link from the recreated Start Menu.

    3) With Stardock installed you can also start a DVD by going to the DESKTOP, open "Computer", right-click the DVD drive and select "open autoplay"

    ("Computer" changes to "This PC" with the 8.1 update; I recommend WAITING another month before running the 8.1 update and when you do so have a BACKUP IMAGE created immediately beforehand. My preview release had major issue. I just installed and issues where minor but there are a few things currently being fixed since the recent rollout such as mouse lag, missing anti-virus software etc.. Also note that SOME drivers seem to apply specifically to W8.1. Look at the numbers if in doubt or let AI Suite 3 handle it.)

    1) I've seen issues where the MAIN CHIPSET driver was not installed which prevented other devices like the Network chip from functioning even with the driver installed.

    Even if you install it with the DVD, you should UPDATE all those anyway. Here's the MAIN CHIPSET driver name, from your above link:
    Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility V9.4.0.1026 for Windows 7/8/8.1 32bit & 64bit.(WHQL)

    2) AI SUITE 3:
    You can download and run this to install most drivers etc and also UPDATE automatically. Read your manual for what it includes

    3) Wi-Fi:
    I'm not sure if you plan to use this, but note that your motherboard recommends installing the Wi-Fi driver BEFORE the software. No idea why, but if you run into issues try uninstalling then reinstalling in the proper order.

    4) Read through all the drivers and software to see what you need, such as USB3 (if no installed by AI Suite 3). Don't install things unless you need them.

    5) Use Thermal Radar or whatever your fan software is to setup a profile for your CPU and case fans.

    6) Finally, create a BACKUP IMAGE of your C-drive when you think everything's sorted (Microsoft Update, Programs, drivers).

    7) If you use STEAM for games I recommend putting it on a 2nd partition or separate drive. Here's what I recommend for two-drive setups but this varies a lot. If your first drive was a larger drive I usually partition it with no more than 200GB for C-drive and the rest for D-drive:

    a) Windows Drive-> Windows and applications only

    b) 2nd Drive-> STEAM folder, Games folder, Downloads, Media folder (videos, pictures etc), Image Backup (for C-drive Image using Windows Image or Acronis True Image).

    There's a lot of little things in there that might save you a headache down the road such as:

    do NOT use the Asmedia dark brown Sata connectors for a DVD drive

    9) UPDATE YOUR BIOS (latest is 1405).
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