500w PSU has only 2 PCI-E 6 pin, but I need 1 PCI-E 8 pin for XFX DD HD 7950. Help?

So I have a Antec EA500 500W PSU and it doesn't have the PCI-E 8 pin connector I need for the HD 7950. Would I even be able to power the 7950 if I got a 6 pin to 8 pin converter cable or do i need a better PSU?
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  1. You should just have enough power. Might want to upgrade the PSU soon however as thats an older PSU and they don't last forever.
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    Get the molux to PCI-E cable and problem solved.
  3. IMHO get a new PSU like the 550W XFX PSU or something likethat.
    The EA series aren't meant for gaming and I am not sure how long it will hold it in.
    Also molex to PCI-e adapters could damage GPU so be careful with that if your using it.
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