External Hard Drive from old laptop no longer seen in disk management but is seen in device manager.

I just got an encasement for an old hard drive I pulled out of an old laptop and slapped them together. The old hard drive was the boot drive of the old laptop, and so I went about trying to rid myself of all the system files while attempting to keep the media files. While deleting the system files, the computer ceased recognizing the hard drive.

I've been having a hell of a time. The thing is still recognized by the device manager (it has a 'Cannot Start' error) but isn't seen in the Disk Management. When I uninstall it from DevMan, then plug it back in, the computer sees it, tries to get it up and going, and then gives me an error saying that installation has failed.

I'm pretty perturbed; it was working perfectly fine and then ceased. I've tried two separate encasements, same story. I'm working with outdated machinery here, guys, with no bankroll, and I don't want to admit that the thing just suddenly decided to break down. I'd gladly reformat the thing if the computer could see it.

Any help?
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  1. Just check if this solution works,not sure it will though.

    Right click "My Computer"
    Click "Manage"
    Select "Disk Management"
    Right click "Disk Management" and select "Rescan Disks"
    Find your drive in the list in the bottom pane,if it appears.
    Right click it and select "Initialize"
    Add a partition
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