Will Dual Core 2.5 Ghz (E2500) bottleneck my ASUS GTX 650 ti performace to larger extent

Hi everyone,
Tomshardware was one of my fav site to find reviews about hardware. :) Now pls help me out friends.

My PC specs:
MB: ASrock G41M-le
Ram: 2GB DDR2 800mhz transcend
Processor: Intel Dual core 2.5 Ghz (E2500)
HDD: 2 TB seagate
Power Supply: 500w cooler master
Monitor: Microstar 16 inch ( max resol : 1366x768)

I am planning to by a graphic card (ASUS GTX 650 ti). Since the GPU is a mid-high end card, i am afraid tat it would get bottlenecked to a larger extent.

I just want to play games with 30+ FPS in 1366x768 resolution, cos its the max supported by my monitor. (AC4, Watch Dogs)

If i get a bottleneck problem, how much performance percentage of my GPU will be reduced. Will this harm my MB and processor.

If some have already had this setup, pls provide some FPS test of some games.

Pls help me out guys. I am totally confused whether if it worth if i buy this card.
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  1. I am not an expert but i try to give few hints. Since it`s an older archetecture of the CPU there should be a problem with bottlenecking with a GTX 650 ti but I don`t know for sure and how much it would be. Maybe you could OC the CPU to the limits, if it the temperature is ok. Also I would not buy a nvidia card at this price segment and bottlenecking doesn`t harm the PC. A 7790HD is faster and cheaper than a gtx 650 ti, maybe you could go with a 7770HD but I can`t say for sure which card your gpu won`t bottleneck. Also you could use 2GB more RAM for gaming because it`s needed for new games and all programs and windows run faster with min 4GB RAM. Some Experts need to give the final advice for the graphic card.
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