AMD display driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered

I started to play games.After 15-20 mins every game freezes down and at the corner says:AMD Driver not responding but has recovered...
After that i cant start anything...I need to restart my computer.
I have newest drivers installed.But I tried and with other older drivers too.I correctly deleted and installed drivers(used Driver Fusion to delete drivers).Not working.
I ran memtest without errors.
Somehow can I fix this problem?
Should I reinstall Windows?

My specs is:
MSI 760GM-P23 (FX)
AMD HD 7770
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  1. Which games are affected, when you installed your drivers did you clean uninstall the last ones? I haven't looked into AMD in awhile but I do know they have been suffering driver issues for awhile.
    What is your OS?
  2. Actually could you please try one thing, run your GPU and CPU at stock clocks and voltages please? I would like to know the results
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