how to format micro card raw to fat32

my 2gb micro sd card show 1 gb capacity and file system is raw

1. i am try format on disk managemnt - it show can not complete the format
2. try format by dos (Format F:/fs:fat32
)it show the type of the file system is raw. the new file system is fat32 verifying 1024m invalid media or track 0 bad - disk unusable.
3. hp formatter tool - it show drive is write protect, also try write protection on registry editor.

please help --any way to format the micro sd card.

if card is damaged, why connect to pc and show memory 1gb
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  1. Unless you created a 1 gb partition on that drive, I'd say it's dead. You can try fat32 formatter, but I have a feeling you will get the same results.
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