Catalyst Control Centre won't install!

Recently I have been having this problem with my graphics driver, it would randomly crash and an error message would appear in the task bar telling me that it has crashed. My laptop has switchable graphics, one is Intel HD Graphics Family, the other is AMD Radeon HD 6650M.

For the last couple of days my laptop has started freezing a lot. I ran a virus scan, but it came up with nothing. The laptop buzzed and then froze again whilst watching videos on YouTube and then again whilst playing a game.

So I looked up online about it, and someone mentioned about going to Computer Management -> Device Manager -> Display Adaptors and uninstalling the video driver from there, then installing it again. So that's what I did. Thinking it was my video driver crashing which was causing my computer to freeze, I uninstalled my AMD Radeon HD 6650M through there, restarted and tried to install the Catalyst Control Centre, but it wouldn't install.

Instead, when I opened the Install Manager, it would say it is installing the Install Manager. Which is strange, since it seems like it is basically installing itself. It creates the folder to the destination it says it will install, but the folder remains empty. It simply does nothing when I try to install the Catalyst Control Centre! Is there anyway to solve this problem?

I also would like to point out, according to the Computer Management window, my display adaptor that was known as AMD Radeon HD 6650M has now been changed to Standard VGA Graphics Adaptor. The other, Intel HD Graphics Family, remains the same since I did not touch that one.
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  1. Assuming you are using Windows 7, I would recommend going back into Device Manager and trying to ask Windows to install the driver. After that make sure CCC is uninstalled from your system (just checking in the control panel is enough). Restart you computer into Safe Mode and try installed the new driver (redownload it just to be safe) which should install CCC as well :D
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