Most powerful STD PCI, or PCI-e x1 video card for gaming

I have a very old Dell Dimension E310 P4 HT @ 2.8 GHz with 2 GB of ram currently. I realize that I am very limited, but really only play older games anyway, (Half-life, Need for Speed series, etc.). The machine only has a STD PCI, or PCI-e x1 slot available, and am currently using a std PCI Zotac GT 430 card. PCI-e x1 cards are going for ridiculously high prices, but even so, is there a card out there in either STD, or PCI-e x1 that is a lot better than what I now for gaming??? Thanks
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    not really no
    and no point throwing any more money at that old rig either... :/

    you could probably get better performance out of AMD APU...
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