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First off, the laptop I have is a Series 5 NP530U4E.
I've recently had some trouble with some hardware compatibility after the Windows 8.1 update. I figured that Samsung might've released some drivers that I needed so I went to SW Update and downloaded all of the updates in the list. The first update on the list, the Bios update had already been downloaded and was already at the "update" stage. It's been stuck there for a few hours now, is that normal?

I've heard that turning the laptop off could possibly brick it. Is it dangerous to do so at this stage?
I've attached an image of the SW Update tab.

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  1. It certainly shouldn't take a few hours, and, yes, you risk having no BIOS firmware at all if you turn the laptop off part-way through a BIOS update.
  2. Just making sure, but is it already in the process of updating the bios? I was thinking maybe it hasn't started yet since I'm still able to use it normally.
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