Which RAM is better Corsair Vengeance or Crucial Ballistix Sport XT?

I'm getting some RAM for my build, and the Crucial Ballistix Sport XT is on sale for $120, should I get this or get the Corsair Vengeance which is $140. The Crucial has 1866 and the Corsair has 1600. The are both 16Gb (2x8) packs.
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  1. Get the Crucial it is a respectable manufacturer.
  2. Post a link to the products.
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  4. LukeMaBoy said:

    Me too.
  5. Will the RAM still fit in if I use a 212 EVO CPU cooler?
  6. Well they are considerably cheaper.
    The CAS latency is 10 on the Crucials instead of 9 on the Corsairs.

    I do not think that is worth the extra cost though.
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