Will this liquid cooling set up work?

Im going to soon upgrade to a Corsair 540 case, Asus Maximus Hero, and Haswell i5, along a R9 280x.

Im going to have a first time go with water cooling. Currently using the H100i. (zip tied to my case since the screws stripped out the holes)

Im looking at this kit for the front of the Corsair 540:

I'd also like to either, (which ever is best) throw another 240 rad up top, or a 120 on the rear, just for extra cooling. With the kit above, and this 240 rad:

Would I need extra fittings, hose? Also, will the pump in the kit be enough to run through 2 rad's?

Will be cooling cpu/gpu

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  1. If you put the AX360 at the front of the case, you should mount 3 120mm fans instead of the 2 140mm fans that come with the case.

    I don't have any other input, so hopefully someone else can help more than me.
  2. I will, Ill have push pull on both, so 6 fans on the front ran and 4 on the top 240.
  3. Anyone?
  4. Anyone?
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