Multi-monitor not working using Dp to Hdmi

Hey there, wasn't sure if this was meant to go under graphic cards or monitors.

Graphics card: ASUS 7970 Matrix Platinum
1st Monitor: AOC E2262Vw - HDMI, VGA - (max res 1920x900)
2nd Monitor: Philips 190sw - VGA - (max res 1440x900)

Well the problem is I have just brought a new monitor E2262Vw and I'm currently trying to set it up as my main monitor in a dual screen setup.

However, when I plug in a DP to Hdmi in my new monitor (AOC) It doesn't display anything. When booting up my computer it shows the BIOS and the Windows loading screen and instead of loading up to login it just goes black. But when I change over to DVI to VGA it works fine.

Is there something wrong with the graphics card or is it the monitor?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Looks like that port is busted.
  2. WarWolverineWarrior said:
    Looks like that port is busted.

    Nope can't be possible because it loads shows BIOS and the Windows loading screen (but very pixelated) and then as it gets to the login screen it just goes black.
  3. If it's a hardware problem that's not heat related, all you can do is rma the card anyway.
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