phenom 2 x4 955 over heating

im having cpu temp problems my phenom 2 its idling at 45c to 50c and during loads goes up to around 56c to 60c.. i think its causing a lot blue screens and restarts during gaming.. i tried running 3dmarks11 it restarts during the cpu test. i repasted the cpu 5 times did the spread technique , the rice grain size and swapping between the stock cooler and cooler master v8, got slightly better results with the v8 around -3c to 4c from the stock cooler.i used a cooler master e2 ic essential thermal paste.the cpu set at 1.408v and not over clocked.i got my temps and voltage using hardware monitor. could my mother board cause the high temp or is my cpu is getting old( aound 4 years) running out of ideas how to fix this any suggestions would be appreciated:)

my specs
phenomx2 955
inno3d hd 6950 2g
2x2g ddr2 ram
ga ma780g-ud3h
v8 cpu cooler
silverstone 700w psu
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    vaynard said:
    .the cpu set at 1.408v

    That is quite high.I thought as i remember these values should be between 1.125 and 1.4.Is Cool'nQuiet enabled in the bios? Enable this otherwise.
    If you want to set your own Vcore try 1.3 for instance.See how it runs then.If it works fine try lowering it until it becomes unstable,then go a little higher again.Test for instance with prime95.

    Try another program to see if the temps are correctly read like the next one,
    open it and mark (v) sensors-only then click run.
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