Is the R9 270x Worth Buying?

I'm currently running a GT630 2GB, but I think it's time to start thinking about an update. The new AMD cards seem like a good place to look, and the R9 270x caught my eye, seeming as it falls right into my £150 budget (I'm in the UK).

Is this worth the upgrade or do you think I could get a better deal if I wait until after Christmas?
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  1. Best price performance ratio for this money and the upgrade is worth, what CPU do you have? The prices should fall a bit i guess and nvidia will drop prices to make a better stand.
  2. The AMD Radeon R9 270X would be a huge upgrade for you and totally worth it.
  3. @StarBG I have a FX-6350 in my system at the moment :)

    @moggnogg Thanks, I think I will wait until after Christmas when the prices start to drop a bit.

    Thanks guys :)
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    Prices are droping since release and the GPU would be good for you. From 25.11 there will be discount in for few days and maybe they add this GPU in the offers.
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