CPU fan went crazy after resetting BIOS

In another thread I got the suggestion that I should reset the BIOS, so I removed the little cap beside "clr cmos" on the motherboard and put it back.

But when I started the computer again the fan on the motherboard goes on full speed and makes an unbearable sound. It didn't do that before.

What has happened and what can I do about it?

(Btw. Should the cap over "clr cmos" cover all three pins or just two of them?)
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  1. sounds like your fan modes on the motherboard are swapped to a different (high performance) setting. go into your bios and reset the fan profiles some optimal or quiet or something like that.
  2. Thanks for your help, man.

    The settings were on "Full ahead" or something like that. I put it on "Automatic" with target degrees of 50 and target level of 5. The sad thing is that it's still making a lot of noise.

    Do you or anybody have any recommendations for the settings?
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