CPU Temp and Core Temp - Are these temp's normal

Hey guys

Basically just wanted to inquire about my tempurature's, i have an AMD Phenom II 955 BE, 3.2 stock clock

Im using a

Xigmatek Red Scorpion Heatsink for my CPU
Case - Thermaltake V3 Black
Fan setup - 1 CPU Fan , 1 back Fan both on Exhaust, 1 front fan 1 side fan on intake
All my fan's Are Xigmatek 120MM 1500 RPM fan's, tho since some are connected via external plugging, not the motherboard 3 pin, i cant control there speeds

Now beyond all this typing

My Temps
CPU - idle 33-32 on a hot day. 44-45 under full load while gaming
CPU Core - 44-53 under load, 35-36 idle

Basically what concerns me is the "core tempurature", Coretemp says my max core tmp is 90c, but i honestly dont know if my temps are decent, or if ive got an issue

i dont have any performance issues, slowdowns, or crashing so idk if im just stressing over nothing

It is summer here in australia, the average day is 23-26c with high humidity
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  1. Once your CPU hits 70C then you know you're having problems.
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    Your temps are great. 80C is considered the max you should ever see under extreme conditions. 70C is considered very good. I am an integrated circuit designer and I use 70C as an average temperature. I simulate circuits up to 110C to 125C and make sure they work up there. You, running in the 50C area is really, really good. No worries in the slightest.
  3. Your temperatures are absolutely fine. Nothing to worry about.
  4. thanks guys, my worry's are at ease
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