Help me narrow down a problem

I have an idea on what my issue is, but I turn to you, valued and experienced members of the forum for any insight or assistance you can offer. Thank you in advance!

Recently my computer created a habit of not waking back up when put into Sleep Mode. No keyboard press, mouse press, or even the power button on the tower would wake it up. I had to disconnect power completely then power it back on, on which point it resumed Windows. As a side note I never put the computer in Hibernation mode.

Just last week the computer stopped turning on completely. I would have to disconnect all power and wait about five minutes, turn five circles, lick my elbow, and then it would turn on. After this happened, I was playing a game of BF3 and everything simply shut down as if the power went out. This has only happened once, and I've been unable to recreate it since then by stressing the system.

Even though it won't turn back on after turning off, my motherboard lights and pulsing led ROG logo remain lit and functioning as if everything is ok.

- I've checked all my connections for possible shorts.
- Checked the mobo for possible shorts.
- Disassembled the upper portion of my tower to check the power button for bad connections, or loose wires.
- Disconnected the mouse/keyboard/etc. to make sure they were not causing a short.
- Ran a memtest.
- Checked hd for errors, etc.

I think it's the psu failing but it has been up and running for 4 straight days without any issues, and unfortunately I don't have another psu to swap out.

Suggestions, Ideas, Confirmation on my suspected bad psu?
Again, thanks in advance!

- Maximus V Formula
- i5 3570k (OC'd to 4.2)
- Corsair H100i in a push/pull
- HAF 932 case
- 16 GB Corsair Vengeance
- Seasonic SS-1050XM
- Seagate Momentus XT
- Windows 7 Premium
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  1. seasonic should be able to set up a cross ship your rig can stay running while you get the new power supply in.
  2. As an update, I got my hands on a psu and swapped it out but that didn't fix my issues. Computer won't come back on after powered down unless I disconnect the power cord for 5-10 minutes. After it comes on it runs fine, unless the rig is put under load (2 hours) then it just shuts down. I have a cpu alarm set for anything above 45C and so far nothing before it shuts down. I'm stumped. Could it be the motherboard?
  3. have you tried updating the mb..make sure the mb running in standard mode and see if the error still there try clearing the bios and see if the mb still locks up.
  4. Tried clearing it, updating to the newest BIOS, etc. Nothing has fixed the problem so far. Sigh.
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