AMD FX-6300 or I3 3220

Im looking for a cpu, that fits my needs well and i need to know if i should get the i3 3220 or the fx 6300.

Going to be recording and playing games.
Livestreaming with Xsplit
Little bit of video editing
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  1. Def go for the FX chip, it can hang with the i3 for gaming but would be superior for multitasking and editing purposes.
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    I would recommmend the fx 6300. This is because I have it and I am very happy with its performance. I also use it for the same purposes as you and I find that it handles the job very well. It is also well priced and since I got a deal on mine- £70, it was the obvious choice. I doubt the i3 will be able to handle much video editing because it requires multi-core cpus and the i3 3220 is only dual core ( + hyper threading of course). Also, I think the fx-6300 is stronger in gaming as well when compared with the i3. The i3 3220 is comparable to a cpu such as the AMD fx-4300 rather than the 6300. Have a look at the following video- it shows the fx-4300 VS the i3. They are both comparable and since the fx-6300 is better than the fx-4300, it will definitely be better than the i3.

    Hope this helps!!
  3. Thanks Guys im going for the amd fx 6300. I was going to in the first place but this is my first build and i wanted to make sure if it was good.
  4. No probs..good luck!!

    Ps. Make sure you choose the best answer to close the question and to benefit others .. thanks
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