weird screen glitching problem

lately after using my computer for a few minutes the screen will sort of flicker and remain still, i cant click or move anything while it does this. after it will almost make the screen go very glitchy with long horizontal lines popping up and dots appearing everywhere. since i cant do anything i usually turn off the computer but upon restarting, the startup screen and everything will also have this problem, however im able to still use the mouse and keyboard. sometimes Ill get a blue screen but because its so distorted i cant read anything. after leaving the computer alone for a while it will usually be normal but this problem has been happening so frequently lately it makes the computer almost unusable.

It happens for no reason out of the blue, or just upon startup at times, and it will happen usually after a game is played on the computer. ive tried unplugging the videocard from what ive seen, doesn't happen when unplugged. Could the videocard be failing or is this some other kind of problem? ive only had the computer for about 2 years at the most so i have no clue if that could be a reason for anything

thank you for help
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  1. Hi
    The common issue is the GPU GDDR - Memory chip fault
    They couse static sporadic defects in the VGA signal.
    Cold or warm .... if the problem is there test with other GPU to confirm and replace the GPU card.
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