Best GPU for Intel Haswell i5 4670k?

Hello! I'm building my first gaming desktop(w/atx mobo). I'm looking for the best GPU for Intel Haswell i5 4670k. I'm also, unfortunately on a budget so something up to £120 should do? I would appreciate if you could give me Pros and Cons for each GPU. Thanks!
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  1. For that price you can get either a GTX 650 Ti Boost or an HD 7850. I'm partial to the 7850 just because it overclocks better so I'd pick it.
  2. look at the cards review on the front page of toms.,review-32803.html
  3. Thank you! I was looking at the asus 640 but maybe I was been a bit too tigh on my budget!
  4. matching a 640 with an i5k is pointless for gaming. the 640 is so weak that the i5 is massively overpowered. I hesitate to say get an i3 and a better gpu as you'll regret the i3 in less than 12 months. show us your proposed full system specs, and we'll see what we can do, what is your total budget?
  5. Updating all my old threads for future reference as some of them are pretty popular.

    If you're considering getting a lower spec GPU with an i5, just don't. I waited a couple more months to save up to get a much more rounded PC which is still going strong today. It's totally not worth getting a super low end PC, just be patient and save! A few more hundred £/$ will make a massive difference for the price to performance ratio!

    Happy Building! :-)
  6. GTX 1060 3GB mini or RX 470 4GB if not you can settle with RX 460 4GB
  7. closing this down as it is really from 2013, thanks for the update though that the ratification of our thoughts on the subject.
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