Upgrading Gaming PC, checking compatibility

I am in need of an upgrade to my entire system but first I only have the cash to start with a GPU.

To start my current components are:

CPU: AMD Althlon II X2 250 Processor 3.0 GHz
GPU: GeForce GT 610
Motherboard: MSI kn6pgm2-v2
RAM: 4gb
Power Supply: I think its a Corsair 500w (recently upgraded)

So basically I want to start building around a new GPU. Specificly this GPU: Radeon R9 270X 2GB. I know I will see a massive bottleneck in performance until I am able to upgrade my CPU, Motherboard, and RAM. I mainly want to know if this GPU will be even compatible then even worth putting into this system and if I will see an improvement in gaming. I run on a 24in LG Moniter at 1920x1080 and I can barely play Counter-Strike Source on medium settings without getting FPS drops of 5 fps at times. I currently am forced to play all my games windowed at 1600x900 most at low setting. I play Skyrim, World or Warcraft and many other steam games. I plan to continue to upgrade and replace components until I have a decent gaming PC. Right now I can only start with one component really and the GPU seems to be the worst of my problems.

Please let me know if my MotherBoard and Processor will support/ be compatible with the Radeon R9 270X.

Thanks ahead of time for reading my thread.
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  1. Unless you intend to keep it around as a backup, one thing you might do is get a HD7750 or HD7770 for it, which would be more balanced to the current CPU, then sell the whole thing later for $200-$300 as an entry-level or kiddie gamer (or homework PC).
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    if you can get a 7950 for less then the 270x do it. its a better card and has been on sale for the same or less money recently.

    and yes, your motherboard should be able to handle either with ease.
  3. Thanks for the answers.

    @Onus, I plan to put all the old components into an old tower I have and using it for a backup or guest PC. However upgrading it is a good idea once I get that far.
    @ingtar33 I found that the 7950 seems to be about a $250 card and the 270x hovers around $200. And thanks for letting me know that the MotherBoard will be compatible so I can use it until I am able to upgrade more.

    I eventually want a PC that will handle BF4 decently and starting with a good GPU seemed to be the best start.
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