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I just recently got new replacement GPU from my RMA I plug everything required PCI-E cables from PSU to GPU. I connect my DVI cable from monitor to GPU.... only to still get no signal? Is there something I'm missing here? The GPU itself turns on I see the fans spinning so it's not a power issue. I really have no clue what is causing this problem help would greatly be appreciated... I just hope they didn't send me another faulty GPU.

Specs: i53570k
Cosair Tx 750W (Gold)
Radeon Hd 7950
8gb 2x4 1600 G.Skill

Other Solutions I tried: switching Dvi cables...still got the same issue. I don't have an HDMI cable to test out but still come on this GPU has 2 DVI ports, they both can't possibly be faulty.
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    check to see if the mb faulted over to the onboard gpu. if it did go into windows and see if the gpu comes on. if there no video on both ports try clearing the cmos. if nothing comes on check your bios rev make sure it up to date. if it still not turning on check that the eight pin cpu power plug in tight. on the mb try setting the video pci slots from auto to pci 2.0 mode.
  2. smorizio it appears I had my bios set on IGPU instead of PCIE therefore it ignored my GPU. I switched it to PCIE and that seem to do the trick. thank you for your input.
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