GTX 590 better then a 650 Ti how?

the 650 Ti is newer then the 590 but it out performs the 650 Ti greatly, i thought newer cards where suppose to be better

i would like to get the 650 Ti BOOST but why bother if i can just get an older card that will put the 650 Ti in the dirt
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  1. There are different levels of cards, the 590 was the top end card of it's generation, while the 650 ti is about the lowest performing card of it's generation. There's lots of overlap from different card of different generations, but the same level card of one generation will be beat by one a generation newer, a 550 will be beat by a 650 and a 690 will beat a 590....a 590 isn't anywhere in the same universe as the 650 ti price wise either, it's kind of strange to compare them.
  2. Newer doesn't mean necessarily better, the 590 is the top end card of the 500's series while the 650+ is at best a mid level card in the 600's series. You can get the 590 certainly, but looking at its price tag I wouldn't recommend it. You can expect the 590 to perform to a nowadays GTX 770.
  3. GTX590 = 2 GTX580, one 580 would outperform a 650 Ti

    Check this handy chart from Tom's,3107-7.html
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    590 is the flag ship from 500 Series and 650 is entry level card of 600 series so there's no comparison. A 590 Can only be beaten up by a 690 and that's a flagship of 600 series. Also GTX 590 is a dual GPU card it has 2X GF110 (GTX 580) chips in it. so now you may get idea how :)
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