Can my pc lock up problem be of ram?

Hello every one!
I am new to this forum so dont be mad at me if i have done something wrong:)
Firstly i have this problem for about 3 months. Here is my system:
core 2 quad q9400 stock 2.66ghz,
ddr3 1333 4gb ram,
gtx 650 ti boost,
asrock g41m vs3 r2.0,
tecnoware freesilent 500w 28a psu.
So my pc started random freezes it can be 10 minutes after turn on to 3 hours and more.After that i need to unplug it from socket and then plug it back to turn on normaly.
I bought this new gtx 650 ti boost and nothing helped.
Then i tested hard drive with windows error checker no problems found.
I heard that ram can cause that problem how can i test it?
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  1. You can try running Windows Memory Diagnostic. Control Panel < Administrative Tools < Windows Memory Diagnostic.
  2. Might try raising the NB Voltage + 0.08
  3. Thanks for your feedback guys! okay i have done ram, hard drive, cpu test with hirens boot and it said everything is alright so i raised nb voltage to 1.15
    And now i have new problem when i turn off pc fans continues to spin, so it could be motherboard or psu problem. I think its more likely psu problem, what you guys think?
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