Why would a 50mt cat5e which passes a connectivity test 100% not work between two belkin routers when a 1mt and 10mt work fine

I have a setup whereby we have a telecoms cabinet in a cupboard just off our reception, it has a belkin n1 vision adsl router in it which works perfectly. We have a room at the far end of the building which has been rented out and now needs connectivity. The needs are small ( two laptops and a network printer) I have purchased a belkin N150 (cable version) which has the separate Internet port.

I can plug in a 1mt or 10mt cable from the N1 to the N150 internet port and it works perfectly, all lights are green, it establishes a WAN IP from the N1 and gives out IPs to a test laptop and also keeps the two networks seperate, so far so good.

However, when I ran a 50mt cable to the room at the far end and plug it in it just sits flashing orange on the Modem/WAN status light as if it's not getting a signal, the cable tests fine using a hand tester.

Is it a strength of signal problem I have? I've also used a Netgear 824 instead of the N1 Vision with no success.
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  1. It has to be the cable. Unless you used a somewhat expensive tester (like a Fluke) all you get is a basic continuity test.
  2. I would try to run a pc on one end and plug it into both the n1 directly and then the n150 lan ports. This should let you know if the cable is bad. If it does not work in any combination then the cable is bad. If you have the tools you can cut both ends off and re terminate the cable for less than $.25 but if you do not then a 50mt cable is pretty cheap compared to spending lots of time troubleshooting it.

    Although it is uncommon to get a commercially built cable wired wrong check the color pattern on both ends and ensure they are first exactly the same and then that they follow the 568a or 568b standard
  3. Has it been kept away from power cables lights?
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