Case and PSU compatible with this GPU?

So I'm getting this card sometime in the future. (Asus Radeon R9 280x - )
But it wont fit in my case and my PSU dosn't have a 6 and 8 pin connector.

So, can anyone recommend a cheap full tower and a cheap PSU with a 6 and 8 pin?
"Cheap" is there key word here because $300 for a GPU is already taking a pretty big hole out of my budget.

In case you were wondering
My case -
My PSU -
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  1. Hello.
    As for a PSU you can but this CORSAIR Builder Series CX500 for $49.99 (which can go as low as $29 if you use MIR!!!!) which is great for the power you need.
    Now as for the case. Are you sure it will not fit in your case?
    edit: Okey card needs 11.2 inch and you have 10.5 inch. Let me check for a case.
    edit2: as MD1987 said, take the HAF912 which might not be a Full ATX, it will do the job and if it is necessary you can remove the HDD cage and fit the GPU.
  2. Best answer
    First of all, great choice in new GPU! :D

    For the PSU, I wouldn't go with one much weaker than this But it really depends on the needs of your system as a whole.

    For the case, I recommend a Cooler Master HAF912.

    Great cooling options and plenty of space. I've had mine for nearly 3 years and it hasn't let me down yet. The only thing is that the front is mesh so you can notice dirt easily but with regular cleaning it's not really an issue.
  3. Guys, I feel kinda stupid. Turns out that my PSU has a 6 pin with a 2 pin with it (8pin) and a lone 6 pin. Which means my PSU can do the job :P
    But my case is still to small. My dad said that he has a mid tower that can fit an 11 in card (but he was the one who also said that my PSU wasn't good enough so I'm not going to take his word until I see it.)
    Also, my friend said that he would sell my his old case for $75 (thermaltake element v nvidia - ) He said that the fan control doesn't work and I asked him if it would come with any fans and he didnt reply so I'm guessing not. Is this still worth it? Or should I look into the case both of you suggested?
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