Need a new graphics card (9800gtx just died) recommendations/can I run the new cards?

had my old graphics card (evga 9800gtx+) die on me last weekend - no idea how, bloody windows update woke my pc up at 3am so I just turned in off by holding down power switch (I know - not really a good way to do things!) and now graphics card will not output any signal and makes post beeps when plugged in during boot.

So now I need a new graphics card.

Set up is:
gigabyte ex58-ud5
i7 920
24gb ram (3x8gb)
psu - coolermaster 650w
all apart from ram approx 5 years old

won't be likely to use a resolution over 2048x1536 (apparently highest my monitor/tv can display)

Games wise: crysis 3, mass effect 3, dishonored, skyrim, maybe bf4, gears of war
Work/uni: autocad, sketchup, database prog's, etc

After a bit of advice - will my current hardware run the new graphics cards, will/is the processor likely to cause a bottle neck, guess I will need a new psu

Interested in either the gtx760, gtx770 or the r9 280x

760's at approx £230, 280x's about £250 and 770's are about £330

Had a look around the forum and seen most people recommending the r9, is this the best option?

Would it be worth looking at the gtx's with 4gb vram, or is it not worth it at the resolutions I will be using?

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    Those cards are all compatible with your mobo. Also, I would definitely go with the 280x (better than the 760 and just slightly slower than the 770).
  2. If you want a step down from those cards (there should be little bottleneck anyway) you could go with the Radeon 7950 which is an excellent value depending on where you live. The price on that 280x looks pretty good so that would probably be your best option
  3. Thanks for the replies, will be getting a 280x then. Have amd got better with their driver support? Remember it wasn't the best
  4. Yep, and Nvidia's latest 320.xx drivers have been pretty bad too
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