How do I get Windows 8 to recognize my Seagate external drive


I recently switched back from Mac to PC. Wow, big changes since I last used Windows!
Unfortunately, these changes appear to include the inability of Windows 8 to recognize the files on my external hard drive -- making it really difficult to switch all my data from my Mac to my new PC.
I'm running Windows 8 on a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop. The external hard drive is a Seagate Backup drive (1 TB). It's less than a year old, and has been confirmed to work with other machines (I successfully loaded all my files onto it from my Mac just last week). The indicator light on the HD is on, and the computer plays the "device added" noise when I plug it in. It shows up in my Safely Remove Hardware function, among the devices list, and in Disk Management. However, it does not show up in Explorer, and I cannot access its files.

Thus far, I have:
1) Updated all my drivers.
2) Installed the latest version of Seagate Dashboard.
3) Tried disabling and re-enabling the drive via Disk Management (with subsequent unpluggings and repluggings in every order I can think of).
4) Attempted to assign a drive letter -- this option is greyed out and nonfunctioning, as is the option for Properties (on Disk Management) and the option to mark a partition as active.

Furthermore, I was able to successfully insert, locate, and copy files from a USB thumbdrive, at least, so I know my USB ports are functioning normally and my laptop is recognizing inserted devices and their files.

What might I do to solve this issue and be able to access the files on the external drive?
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  1. is the hard drive in NTFS or fat32 format?

    if not, it needs to be.
  2. Have to reformat the disk to exFAT so that it can be read on both windows and mac operating systems.

    1. Backup everything to the mac and or third device from the external HD
    2. Reformat using Disk Management (Windows 8) or disk utility (Mac), use exFAT.
    3. It should work!

    Helpful article:
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