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I got a powercolor 7990 their first model, i installed 13.9 amd drivers, i use media player to bitstream dts hd and truehd to my receiver using 7990's hdmi, i can listen to youtube music, winamp and play game like Castlevania the lord of shadow, lineage 2 and got sounds for them. however when i run Starcraft 2, the witcher 2, and program with sounds like heaven 4.0 and unigine Valley the receiver does not pick any signal at all and no sounds whatever. here is how my hdmi cable run, output from 7990 to "bd/dvd" input behind onkyo nr515 receiver. when i play music and there is sound, i can see the "hdmi" light up on the receiver's front display. When i play starcraft 2 or other games the "hdmi" on the display blinks and it goes off. I am not sure how to fix this. I used to own gtx 670 sli and i use the same set up and i never got any sounds issues running everything.

Please help me, any suspicion what may cause this? i have a htpc 7.1 and i want to play future games, i know some great titles coming soon.

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  1. i found the answer, it is almost impossible to guess that this was the cause. i am glad i still remember the setting i had that all sounds was working.

    right click on desktop and go to screen resolution and once the display pop up and in the "Multiple displays" select "Extended these displays" and that will solved my problem.
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