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Hello! I am trying to build a desktop (my first build) for gaming and 3D Animation. I just wanted to get some recommendations, tips and help from anyone knowledgeable.
A little more information: I do some light PC gaming and I do Animation for school, I am trying to stay under a budget of a 1000$ I would love to spend way less on a desktop, but at the same time i don't want to put 500-600 in a computer when I could put 800-900 and make it way better. So I am looking for cost effective yet good solid performance.
I have looked around and an Intel processor seemed to be perfect for me like an i5-4670s, 4670k, I looked at A LOT of reviews and think that it fits my needs (but still open to suggestions). I would like 8GB RAM (or more of course), looking at a Gigabyte motherboard not sure which one yet. Currently looking for a graphics card that will render my needs.
So, I sort-of have an outline in my head as to what I want, but would really appreciate any help, any part suggestions or tips. And again I am not trying to be cheap, but I am (of course) trying to save money, prefer not get a cheaper Processor and overclock it, mostly because I don't have any prior experience with it.
Thank you for your help!
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  1. What animating software are you using? That may help guide you toward a GPU. There's a screamin deal on the ASUS GTX 680 here:
    Here's another deal on much less expensive card:

    Here are a couple other suggestions, given your ideas:

    Mobo: (if you're planning on overclocking, not sure how to read your CPU comment on overclocking), otherwise:

    RAM: 8GB (
    16GB (

    Have you though about SSD/HDD, case, psu, etc?

    There are a load of component combinations, but there's a place to start, anyway.
  2. I use Blender, but when I finish my second semester, I am going to switch to Autodesk.
    I took a look at the links you gave me, I don't know a whole lot about GPU's, is it MOBO specific? Like would I need to make sure it is compatible with the mobo like I would have to with the processor.
    And how do I know if it is a good GPU? Other than looking at the reviews I mean. For example, when I look at Intel processors, I know when I look at an i3, and then see an i5 that it is a step up (better). So is there anyway that I can see how good a GPU is just by looking at the name? Sorry if it is a dumb question.
    When Black Friday comes around would newegg have good deals on components? I have only looked at computers during black Friday, not the parts.
    And no I am not planning on overclocking the processor, sorry if I was not clear on that. And no I have not really given much thought to how much HDD or what case I am going to get. I just wanted some, advice on the GPU, MOBO, and CPU combo first. so that I can get the most performance for a good price.
    Thank you for the help.
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    For the most part, GPUs are compatible across the board (pun intended :)). If a motherboard has a PCI-E slot, it can take any modern graphics card. Basically for Blender/Autodesk workstation GPUs are typically the best suited, while not the best bang for your buck.

    Example workstation:

    Similarly priced desktop GPU:

    Hard to say which would be better in your case, but I would lean toward the desktop GPU. You should almost definitely wait till Black Friday, there are some awesome deals during those several weeks.

    So if you're not going to overclock, don't get a K series CPU, and you don't need a Z77/87 motherboard, as those are for overclocking. I you can afford it, definitely go i7/Xeon for that kind of rendering, these would be good choices:

    Hope that helps a bit.
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