Being indecisive - Asus 7970 Matrix Platinum vs GTX 770.

Hello all,

I need some help and opinions on a new GPU. For quite sometime now I've been running a ATI 5870 and having decided against investing in the next gen consoles just yet, I'd decided to invest it in a few new parts for my PC. Thing is, I'm struggling to decide which is best for my specific needs. I've been primarily looking at the HD7970 Ghz Edition/r9 280x and GTX 770. I was all set to get the Asus HD7970 Matrix Platinum but I keep hearing/reading a variety of things related to that card. Some waxing lyrically about what an awesome overclocker it is and others criticising how poor it's overclocking performance is along with other issues people have had with that card. Reviews seem split between high praise and underwhelming criticism. Below are a few cards I've been considering:

Asus AMD Radeom HD 7970 Matrix Platinum 3GB.
Asus GTX 770 Nvidia GeForce DirectCU II 2GB.
EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 Superclocked 2GB.
Palit Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 4GB.

It's probably best I explain how I play games. It's mainly 1920x1080p though I always liked the idea of having some headroom for the future. I'm looking for a card that will run the likes of Battlefield 3/Battlefield 4 to a satisfying good looking degree (at ultra if possible).
Quick overview of my system.

Antec Twelve Hundred case
Asus P6TD Motherboard
6GB Dominator 1600MHz.
Corsair Professional Series AX 760 Watt (new part)
Intel i7 920 (I'm currently overclocking this).

Hopefully some of you might be able to provide some light on which would be best. Like I said, I was all set for the Matrix Platinum but have read some underwhelming (and a few highly praised) opinions of that card so I just can't decide. I know you must get sick of these sorts of questions, but know your doing a wonderful service in helping the likes of me and others :D

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  1. Out of all those the choice I would make is the GTX 770. Since games are demanding more VRAM with ultra settings (BF 4 is the first so far) I would go with the 4 GB one to play on complete max settings (AA included). Other people will tell you different though And yes, BF 4 Ultra pushed my GTX 780 to like 2.6 GB at times.

    Here are some benchmarks. The GTX 770 is a bit better

    Edit: But mind you, the 7970 is cheaper for only a "bit" less performance than a 770.
  2. I would say wait for the R9-290X if you can. The i7-920 is still capable of gaming and can keep up with the 290X which is optimized for BF4 aswell.
    If you find it an overkill , get the 280X which is also optimized and hence will game nicely for ya.
    Dont go for the previous gen GPU its senseless now.
    Also I would skip the GTX 770 as its overpriced IMO and will be sorta outperformed by the cheaper and faster 280X.
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