my computer dont work after change GPU

Hello all
I just replaced my gpu from my older computer HD6790 and put on 630 gt and the computer is not working at all so i replace it again to the HD6790 and its worked fine... How can i put on the 630gt and the computer still work..?
Sorry 4 the bad english..
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  1. well, did you completely uninstall the amd drivers from your computer before installing the 630 gt? if not, then that may possibly be your problem.
  2. No i didnt uninstall
  3. You can uninstall the amd drivers by going to control panel > programs > programs and features, and uninstalling it from there.

    But, i do recommend that you take a look at this, it tells you the steps to completely rid of the amd drivers from your computer.
  4. Its really cueses things like that??!! My PC is not even show some safe mode no nothing.
    Only when i push the buttom to start the PC its start for a sec and shut down
  5. no man im sorry its not that...
    I follow the guild that you put and its still don't working...
    the HD6790 has two more outs for power that the 630GT don't has... I think its has something to do with the power supply...
    maybe something on the bios there IDK
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