I built my brother a brand new gaming pc on a budget, R7 260x, 7950 7870 or 7850? On a 650watt psu?

Anyways, I have just built my brother a gaming PC. And I got one of the new R7 graphic cards from AMD. And let me say.. it is quite incredible! And an impressive value for what people will get for the price. It is of course.. a 7790, just BOOSTED up in clock speed and other areas too. That it makes me wonder if it will reach a 7850, But straight to the point. I have had bad luck with the video cards. And had to RMA my first card. I now have this one

But now I thought about it.. and saw that there were 7850, 7870, and EVEN 7950 within the range of 140$ to 210$ USD!

But anyways. WHICH one of those cards will be perfect for a 650watt PSU? Oh... and With a Athlon x4 620 OC to 3.19ghz? With NO bottlenecks. If my CPU is not enough.. and too slow that could cause a bottleneck, I will replace it with my Phenom II x6 1045T OC to 3.3ghz to make it stable.

PSU is this exact one...

one last thing... my brother will be gaming at 1680x1050, I want him to have the smoothest experience on upcoming titles like BF4... recent ones like Crysis 3, All at FULL ULTRA Settings, 30FPS to 60FPS, my brother loves planet side 2.

I tried the 260x on that game at ultra and it runs pretty good with some odd frames in heavier areas. But.. I want it to be a smooth experience. And not a stuttered one. I wondered if it was the processor that was too slow for todays games. And if maybe it wasn't the graphics card at all. I don't know! I wondered if my 6 core AMD CPU would help it? Or a Better graphics card!? Either way, I plan to get more bang for the buck, And that is why I came here to ask my question. Thank you!

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  1. The 7950 is the most powerful card out of those options. Even a GTX 680 couldn't play Crysis 3 at Full Ultra settings smoothly, you would have to turn down some of the options down to high for it to be a smooth experience.

    P.S. please split that giant block of text into paragraphs, thanks :D
  2. If you want good answers you should rewrite that in a way that is readable.

    As it stands it's just a wall of text and makes your eyes cross.
  3. LOL I am sorry guys XD I separated the text now.. Is it easier? I just joined Toms hardware it should have easier word processing tools.
  4. Can you be please a bit more specific that what you want. I am sorry to say but I can have no conclusions even after reading the big block of text.

    Can you tell me what is your budget ofr the graphics card you need and we will recommend the one which is the most powerful of the lot.
  5. There you go buddy, I edited it for you to make things easier for everyone.

    It's better to space your links out like that.

    No forums really have word processing tools. Just basic forum etiquette. This should give you an idea for the future. :vip:
  6. Good going anort3 :D

    As I said, the 7950 is the best out of the cards you mentioned, though you could also step up to a 7970 or 280x if your budget allows for it.
  7. I guess I was editing while you were editing lol. Anyway much better!
  8. I'm pretty sure that ATHLON will not be able to push the 7950. The Phenom will be better.
  9. ^good eye :D
    Wow, the phenom is better in single and multi-threaded
  10. Now to answer your question.

    The HD 7950 is the best graphics card listed. It will bottleneck a small amount with an Athlon II x4 620. The Phenom II x6 1045 would be slightly better at the same speeds just due to a larger cache. But only slightly. Your best bet is to try and get the x6 1045 as close to 4Ghz as you can and pair it with an HD 7950.

    Any of the listed cards will be fine with a 650w power supply. Especially a good one like the Antec you listed. You could even run a GTX Titan or HD 290X with that PSU.
  11. To reply I put it in the Answer box right? Anyways... to @rolandzhang3 that sounds like an AWESOME Idea. But I will only stay in the budget of 210$ and less. Gaming at 1680x1050... I think it would be overkill for a 7970 or 280x, And besides that I have only a 650watt PSU and I don't know how much power hungry will those cards be. Overall I am just trying to save a bit of money and not go overboard the budget. And all of the cards I mentioned all have rebates. So its a great deal! :) If I myself was buying the card for me.. I would get one of those high end cards for sure! Heck maybe even a 7990 or one of those.. New R9 280x Or higher than the 280x... if its possible ._., But nope, Just a good card that will allow Ultra-High Details on 1680x1050. I have always bought AMD cards as well.. As Nvidia in my opinion are overpriced. And sometimes AMD always getting the best bang for our bucks. So.. I am staying AMD. GCN and Mantle.. will be interesting.
  12. Best answer
    A good 650W should have no problem with those cards, but I get what you're saying :D
    (A 7970 or 280x wouldn't exactly be overkill for 1680x1050, it'll just last you a little longer than the others)
    Mantle sure sounds promising too hehe
  13. This will help you understand power requirements. This is for an entire system, not just the graphics card.
  14. I see @ anort3, What about the other cards below the 7950? Will they bottleneck the Athlon II x4 620? And I don't know if I can reach those clocks! I have a Hyper 212 EVO on his build. I have a TX3 on mine. MY x6 is OC to 3.3ghz. I have reached 3.6hz but that is the max and it was unstable. But that will be hard for me to do.. I have never reached 4ghz.

    Really!? Wow! :) I never thought this 650watt psu would run on that 650watt psu. Everyone always recommends 750watts+ and I don't understand why.. I think it is overkill. I think.. they should get what they need to use the PSU more efficiently but thank you very much anort3 for Reassuring me that I am safe and in the limits of this PSU. WHAT!? .___. Really! :O Those are real high end cards... But Thanks once again for reassuring me. I guess I should have no problems at all for whatever card I choose.
  15. @rolandzhang3 you have an EXCELLENT point right there, the higher end the cards are... the longer they will last in the long run. Hmmm but at the moment I am staying within the budget. Maybe I can crossfire in the future with the same card :) but then again.. there will probably be much faster newer cards by then. Heck my ATI 4770 from 2009 is still doing alright for me haha :). I don't game too much. My younger brother loves all his games. And he uses my computer for mine craft. I decided to build him his own computer. That way he can play his games whenever he wants! And thanks anort3 for the helpful website, I am reading it! And learning quite a bit its very helpful! I bookmarked it already.
  16. Most people have no clue about just how little power their computers need. You can trust that list.

    Even if you bottleneck a little get him the best card you can afford. That way when he can afford a new CPU and motherboard he can just move the card you get over to the new build.

    I tend to upgrade graphics every 2 years or so and CPU, motherboard and RAM every 4. I am overdue on getting a new graphics card but I want to see who comes out on top with these new AMD R9 2xx cards and the Nvidia GTX 780 Ti.
  17. The 6 core at 3.3 Ghz can handle the 7950 no problem. So, go for that one instead. The 7950 offers stellar performance for the price and is quite future proof thanks to its 3GB VRAM, it would handle high resolution textures no problem.

    Some good things about the 7950.
    --> 3GB VRAM, good for high resolution and multi monitor gaming. Awesome for high resolution texture packs for games like Skyrim.

    --> 384 Bit bus provides more bandwidth for gaming, a definite plus.

    --> Is based on same Tahiti GPU that powers the 7970, 7970 Ghz Edition and the R9-280X, so can be overclocked to match the performance of the 7970, if you get the Voltage Unlocked version. Most of them are Voltage Unlocked.

    --> Can you play games at 1080p, with high-very high settings at 30+ FPS easily on any game. So it is hell of a performer.
  18. I see! No wonder they overkill their PSU. I will trust it! And I can see now why my ATI 4770 blew up my PSU years ago... I was on 420watts.. and On a cheap Raidmax brand. I learned my lesson. The list for the 4770 said 450watts. I thought the 4770 was a power efficient 80watt card.

    I see! Thank you very much for the advice I will take it. That sounds like an excellent Idea! So in Order.. This is how the Cards from AMD range... right? 7950>R9 270x>7870>7850>R7 260x>7790>7770ghz edition. It is a no brainer to get the 7950 from this point on.. but this will be a tough choice for me between budget and performance. If it lasts at least 2 years. I think the 7950 is the IDEAL choice. But I am fluctuating on decisions between the 7870, R9 270x and 7950. What would be the Nvidia equivalent?

    Technology Changes so fast.. It is hard to keep up :) hehe, but I am learning from you and taking your advice. I am a pretty tech savy guy. But I learned more today on PSU... and wattage. And so forth thanks to you. I think... the AMD R9 series will rock the world.. but then again I hear Nvidia has something cooking and hidden under there sleeves. Competition is good but I think AMD is the best price to performance deal :). I read somewhere that an Nvidia card cost 150$ more for about 2 to 1 frame more on the same game on an AMD card... I have never had driver Issues on AMD either. But if you get any of those card you will have a blast! :D
  19. Here are a few more resources to help you ( or overload you with information! ) hopefully.

    Tom's monthly CPU hierarchy chart. Rarely changes since new CPUs are slow to be released.,3106-5.html

    Tom's monthly graphics hierarchy chart. Good to check every few months to stay on top of what's new.,3107-7.html

    Anandtech's benchmark section. You can directly compare 2 CPUs, 2 graphics cards, 2 SSDs, CPU coolers etc. here. It's on CPUs by default but just select what you want to compare under Bench.

    The Tom's articles are worth reading the whole of and not just the hierarchy charts. They come out every month. Anandtech is kept updated.
  20. Well.. as for now the Nvidia is overpriced as far as comparison with the AMD cards go..

    Anyways since you are asking for the Nvidia equivalents, hence these are the Nvidia equivalents to the AMD cards.

    1. Nvidia 760 ($250) is equivalent to AMD 7950 ($180~$220)
    2. Nvidia 660 (~$170) is slightly slower than the 7870 (~$160)
    3. R9-270x is just the overclocked 7870, hence it sits somewhere in between the Nvidia 760 and 660 for about ~$200.

    Is the list clear to you, or do you need to know something more? If yes, then feel free to ask it. I would be happy to help.
  21. Thank you very much to all of you! And @anort3 I will sure check them all out and bookmark them, thank you for all your helpful resources as right now I am researching on all cards before I get a different card later on today. I came up on this thread through google search And it was interesting as someone else was in the same situation as me. One person recommended a 7850 for this CPU... which is strange. So that would mean I would have to change my brothers CPU to my x6 1045 and overclock it to stabilize the system. Which is exactly what the person that asked the question on that thread was planning to do. Thank you anort3 for your help. And thank you @rolandzhang3 and everyone else who answered on this thread.

    And to @Sangeet Khatri Thank you for your expertise in GPUs, All I have to say is.. WOW AMD is much more better in price and bang for the buck! I wonder why Nvidia overprices their GPUs.. maybe it is because of CUDA and adobe workflows. But still AMD is very good. Is nvidia really that much more expensive! :O Thanks for listing the prices and telling me which are the equivalents. I see! R9 270x is now on my list as well of choices.

    Yes @Sangeet, it is very clear to me thank you very much! What about the 7850?
  22. Now a bit more detailed comparision :

    1. 760 vs 7950
    Between the 760 and the 7950, I prefer the 7950 more because.
    + 3GB VRAM vs 2GB VRAM.
    + Wider 384 Bit bus on the 7950 vs 256 bit bus on the 760.
    + High overclocking potential.
    + Overall much cheaper price.
    + Comes with 3 free games from AMD Never Settle Bundle.

    2. Nvidia 660 vs AMD 7870
    I prefer the 7870 more because :
    + 7870 is a bit more faster than the 660.
    + Better at overclocking than the Nvidia 660. It can match the R9-270 when overclocked
    + It is like 10 dollars cheaper, even though it performs better.
    + Comes with 2 free games from AMD Never Settle Bundle.

    3. R9-270 (Thoughts)
    I do not recommend that card as for now because :
    1. An overclocked 7870 performs the same for much less price.
    2. For the same price you can have the 7950 which is way faster.
    3. As for now there are no free games with the R9 series GPUs (correct me if there are.)

    So, I think it might help you even more in choosing the right GPU.

    My recommendation is still the 7950 just because it is a beast at gaming especially for the price it is currently selling at.
  23. @Sangeet Khatri Thank you very much for your input. And I am now leaning towards the AMD Radeon HD 7870/7850, And the 7950. I agree with everything you said! Thank you for your recommendation. It is either 7950 for 209 - 30 dollar rebate OR 7870 for 205- 40 dollar rebate.
  24. As again I would pick the 7950 with 30 dollar rebate. The bottleneck could always be removed with a CPU upgrade anytime later.

    Also the 7850 is out of the equation. It is way too slow to be compared with the 7950. So, just go for the 7950. It is very good deal.

    Also if at any point of time if you feel that you have found the solution for your question, then you can mark the thread as "Solved" by "Picking A Solution". It would be appreciated by guys who are looking for similar answers.

    Have fun anyways. :)
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