HD 7970 GHZ Crossfire vs r9 290x Crossfire PSU

ok i has HD 7970 in crossfire OC to Ghz 1050mhz core 1500 on memory, my CPU is OC to 4.3ghz i5 2500k, i has Corsair Gold rated 850W PSU

now from what i can tell TDP of 290x is 300w each, and crossfire HD 7970 stock voltage is 250w each
500w vs 600w i did the power supply calculator the 290x were not in listeing so i went with HD 7990 +HD7970 to replicate close to same power draw with 4HDDs 6fans+2 140mm and 1 SSD with 4 sticks of DDR3 ram it said 700w total TDP . i think power draw of 7990 is 350w idk.

What do you guys think?

Minimum PSU Wattage: 689 W
Recommended 738w
PSU Wattage: * Power Supply Wattage ResultsPower Supply Wattage ResultsPower Supply Wattage ResultsPower Supply Wattage Results
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    You can certainly run the 290x's stock with that configuration on that power supply without issue. From what I've seen (reviews I've read in the past couple of hours) the 290x's aren't actually going to pull 300w DC, so you should have some OC headroom as well.
  2. yeah thats what i thought to, that 290x max TDP is close 300w but its caps at 280w from other reviews. so i think with that in mind and that corsair make really great PSU and fact its gold rated, should be good enough too, i'm going wait for standard 290s before i make a choice if they similar in performance with some OC headroom then il buy 2 of them instead, depending if they also cheaper. (FYI waiting for aftermarket coolers not keen on 95c sounds retarded) i always try cap my temp to 70 to 75 max
  3. and i want to see if aftermarket ones stick with same reference PCB, if not then il see if waterblock comes out for these bad boys, big mistake i made was aftermarket HD 7970s and was unable water cool them.
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