lagging issues pls help!!!

i have a laptop that is kind of well perfoming. 3gbs of RAM an intel core i5-2410m nvidia gt-540m an hdd 320 gbs that 60 gbs are free windows 7 64 bit operating system.The issue is that when im playing a game not to heavy for example league of legends the game laggs and the screen frozes for a while and maybe the sound repeats.Allthough there is no fps just freeze and then come back...what the hell is this..?I think it may be the hdd but i optimize t by defragmantetion so it can run properly...what do you think?
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  1. Do you have other programs running at the same time?
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    Try lowering the settings, it could be heat causing the GPU or CPU to throttle down. Also try playing with a small fan blowing at the vents.
  3. yeap i think it is overheating too...maybe i should buya external fan!! tnx for the reply!!
  4. no in most cases i run only the game!!
  5. kristianAA you assume right at the start of the game there is no appearance of any lag issues after a while after about (1- 3 hours)..!
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