Will the Power supply be enough? Will my RAM fit under the Noctua DH-14?

Hey guys! At the end of the year i'm going to build a very powerful gaming pc , so far i've got this prepared:
Intel i7-4770k (i want to overclock)
Noctua DH-14
G.Skill TridentX (2x8) 2400mhz
AMD radeon r9 290X
750 power supply (Corsair)

Will the power supply be enough for this rig, i will overclock? And will the ram fit under that huga fan or do i need to do something to make it fit? Thanks in advance!
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  1. Trident X will fit under noctua DH 14 but you need remove part from heat spredder.

    This is better cooler for you.

    Or this.

    With this cooler you can use as high memory you like.
    Really good and silent cooler.

    PSU is enough. But what psu is that? All corsair psu's are NOT good.
  2. The PSU is Corsair CX750M 750W
    Is it hard to remove the heat spredder? will it affect something appart from temperaturE?
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    CX PSU is crap.
    Get HX , RM.. Seasonic are good. Or rosewill.
    This is now really cheap 1000w.

    Cheaper than 800w.

    Why do you want play with heat spredders?
    Buy cooler that is OK with high memory.

    I think it can't be that bad to remove parts from heat spredder.
    but you can ask from g.skill support how that really works.
    Id have one question them too :D
    Temps depend more case airflow than memory heat spredders.

    Or get H100i or H110i for cooler. Not so much expensive than DH-14.
  4. Is this good : Cooler Master V750S 750W?
  5. RakOOn said:
    Is this good : Cooler Master V750S 750W?

    Yeah that is REALLY good PSU!
    Look this
    If you like this happen your build. Then buy CM psu.

    If you like us to give hint for better parts. Then give us budget for whole build. Then we can look best parts for that price.

    or if you do not loke suggestions just buy what ever parts you think is good for you. And that seems now best thing to do.

    Read this really carefully. About how good is Cooler Master 750w psu.
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