Tri-sli or Not?

Ok, so its come to that time of the year where developers like to release games, thus i am forced to either look at new GPUs or adding an additional one for a tri-sli build.

I am currently running 2 x EVGA GTX 570HD SC's ( in sli and they are great, however they are ageing. Playing BF4 beta they drop to 40 FPS and as there are more games launching start of next year as well its got me wondering.

My question is, would i see any performance increase in adding another gtx 570? I dont really want to buy new GPUs as im trying to hold out till Nvidia's 800 series drop (hopefully Q1 2014). Therefore i just want to get something to get me by till then, so i thought an additional card. Now i know gtx 570s are hard to get now here in australia, especially the EVGA HD versions so im looking at the Gigabyte GTX570 SOC ( Im just wondering will that be compatible to tri-sli if i boost my EVGA 570's core clock to 845 Mhz and the shader clock to 1690Mhz. I would also have to boost the gigabytes card memory clock to 3900Mhz, but if i do all that would they scale and tri sli well, having the gigabyte as the lead card?

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.


Im also running:

CPU: Intel 3930K @ 4.2Ghz with Offset
MOBO: Rampage IV Extreme
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  1. Im not sure what kind of performance increase you would get with another, if it was me tho, i would either wait for the cards you want and not bother to get the third, or buy something from this generation. There would be a performance increase, but its always beter to have a single powerful card.
  2. Hey there , a lot of folks are having the drops down to 40 fps in BF4, its quite common , it is a beta after all but will get better in time.
    Not sure how much more performance you will get adding a third and you gotta have a decent psu to handle it.
    You could always look on ebay for a bargain , but I would suggest waiting , the game has its issues and I wouldn't base my system performance on it.
    Does it play other games well?
  3. It played Metro: Last Light running around the 50's but i cant remember the settings, definitely not ultra.. i think my SAAO was not on, just AA 16x. Thats what i was thinking, that it may just be the game.. My PSU is a 1050 watt corsair, so it should handle it as both my sli 570s have a TDP of 400. I have looked at a couple of threads on here and else where and i can only find on average about a 10 fps increase with the added card. But then i read a 580 tri sli post and he was getting a 30 to 40fps increase adding a third. Albeit they are 3GB 580's and that was BF3. In Bf3 i am usually around the 90's depending on maps.. Gulf of Oman it drops to about 50's sometimes, not sure why.. when other large maps it hangs around the 80's.. I found a second had one, 6 months use going for 140 but was wondering if i offered them $125 would they take it.. if they would and i would get a good boost to get me through till next year when nvidias maxwell arch drops, i was going to get it but if it will only give me a boost of like 5FPS i wont worry.

    Just wanted to see what others thought on the matter and thank you both for weighing in so quickly.
  4. Yeah its definately BF4 beta that is the problem.
    Try it out when the full game is released ina few days and then see if its any better.
    What I'm worried about too is that you may only get something like 10 fps more.
    Check out this guts set up
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    Found an older TRI 570 SLI review with benches, check it out, it will give you some idea of what gains you will get in different games , even if they are older games its something to compare at least.,2865.html
  6. Thanks monsta, just looked at the EVGA one and i can see less than a 10FPS difference definitely not worth it, but then in the next post you posted he seemed to get a really good result.. Maybe it can also be dependant on the CPU and its frequency. In this review of 3 way 570's it showed an improvement by 30FPS in the Heaven Engine 3.0 (old, but still relevent) and albeit it was testing the classified versions there shouldnt be much difference in the comparison. ( Then again it is again an alien vs predator scaling video though, so maybe unreliable.

    Another link i found:

    Overall i think your right monsta, it is heavily the game that determines how well it scales. As looking through many benchmarks and reviews they all seem mixed (mostly due to different configurations in computer builds) but still the max gain i have seen is 30fps and that is in the alien vs predator game - which i have heard is not very reliable. So maybe ill wait it out till BF4 drops and decided from there.. i cant justify selling them as ill get like a measly 200 bucks to upgrade.. whats the point.. i just thought if i could pick one up cheap id add another.
  7. I would say don't go tri-sli. I also had 2 x 570's and recently upgraded to a single 780. I get better performance because I was hitting the VRAM limit of the 570's because I game at 2560 x 1440.

    Even if you do get 3 570's you will still hit the VRAM limit and get poor performance.
  8. I dont game at anything larger than 1080 at the moment so the VRAM shouldnt be a problem at those resolutions. However that will change when the 800 series drops and when maxwell extreme drops also.. will be a great year next year!
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