Is MSi H87M G43 Motherboard Good?

Is the MSI H87M-G43 a good mother board for my build:

intel i5 4570,
Kingston 2 x 4gb Ram (8GB)
Gigabyte GTX 660 2gb graphics card
Msi DVD Drive
TP link Wifi adapter - 300MP/S
Cosair GS 600V2 powersupply
Cooler Master Storm Enforcer Case
Seagate 1TB HDD
Sandisk 128Gb SSD

Would it fit in my case? (Cooler Master Storm Enforcer) and I am not a hardcore gamer however I do play games now and then. Games include Crysis 2, Battle Field 3, League of Legends. So would give me my gaming needs?
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  1. MSI is low class board.

    Go for Asus, Z87 chipset based one.

    And for gaming, you need minimum of 8GB RAM. 4GB isn't enough for gaming.

    You might go with this one:
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