Would I need more Video RAM for dual monitor display?

I found a new Philippine based online PC Parts site and saw this r9 270x
Much cheaper than the original gpu I targeted
But then, after more research, I heard that to have a dual monitor set-up(which I'm planning to do) lots of vram is necessary. How true is this? Wanna get 2 1600x900 monitors (really don't need 1080p) and will do some gaming on one while interneting, or video editing on the other.
Should I go for the HD 7950 3GB or stick with the R9 270x 2GB? (Wanted a card that was below Php 10,000 or $230 in dollars but willing to spend a little more if the whole vram thing is real)
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    at 1600x900 and only gaming on 1 monitor, 1GB would do you fine. The mutli-monitor needs more VRAM thing only applies if you are gaming on 2 or more screens. Just gaming on 1, and having the desktop on another, the desktop doesn't eat up hardly an VRAM at all. You could have 1 gaming monitor and 10 other monitors not gaming and not see an impact (if the card allowed 11 outputs that is).
  2. Really? This is good news considering I really like the r9 270x since it's new and affordable. Thank you for the fast and detailed answer :)
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