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Hi, i have a 120gb ocz vertex 3 for my OS and important Programs for Graphic/Video work.

untill now i have had the After Effects Cache disk on my SSD allowing up to 8GB.

while working my free space goes down to about 15gb +/-. and i am wondering

1) if leaving so little space causes loss of performance in windows with an SSD, i know that on a HDD it does.

2) if having the cache degrades the SSD like it would a HDD

i havent tested it, but would switching the cache to the HDD have a big impact on previewing\rendering time, on not so noticable ?

thanks to anyone who can help
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  1. That is a good question. Why dont you experiment with both settings and let us know what happened?
  2. WTF @ 2) if having the cache degrades the SSD like it would a HDD
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    1) Yes filling an SSD can degrade performance, although not for the same reason as an HDD

    2) I'm assuming you're referring to concurrent access, otherwise the question doesn't make sense. Generally yes but the hit is less with an SSD because they deal better with higher queue depths (google it). Using an HDD as a cache doesn't make sense unless swapping is being done, the random access performance is just horrible.
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