Dell Inspiron E1505 not recognizing HDD?

All of a sudden this laptop stopped going to windows so I tried reinstalling the OS but it does not load, I tried another HDD but same deal, looking in the BIOS I am not seeing the HDD listed and running the onboard diagnostics, it shows the HDD test as "short test", my guess is it is not recognizing the HDD? Help please? BTW, Knoppix loads fine.
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    Not seeing any HDD's in BIOS and in Computer ? Did you properly attached the cables ? Are you getting any error messages ? Did you try to tap the F12 key ?
  2. HDD not showing in BIOS, The HDD slips in as per normal so no cable attachment issues I am thinking. No error messages. Yes, I had selected the cd boot from the F12 menu and that works just no HDD to load the OS on.
  3. It's ok, it suddenly started working on it's own, thanks.
  4. Glad to hear that. Cheers.
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