Storm scout II advanced vs Zalman z11 vs

Both cases look similar to me and their price is essentially the same so which one should i get and why?
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  1. That will depend on what color LED fan you like ( Red or blue) , and what kind the shape od case you like. Because both of them have similar functions.

    For me I like the CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced.
  2. Storm Scout 2 is a sturdier case.
  3. From what i've read the zalman cools better and still is a nice case,not to loud too.The rest is personal taste.From a personal point off view i dislike the fact that the usb3 ports will have to be routed to the i/o of the motherboard to work.
    Like the antec GX700,a really different case,to be nice,but it cools very well,not to loud and shouldn't be so expensive,
    quite hideous.:p,but like i said that's something personal.
  4. I don't like intense light and the storm scout has an on/off switch for the annoying leds. Also red is not my color but the gunmetal grey storm scout II turns me on. Im more interested in noise and cooling.
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