AMD Radeon HD 7310

Will this card run a game like SWTOR run smoothly on low to medium settings?
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  1. RyansRalphs said:
    Will this card run a game like SWTOR run smoothly on low to medium settings?

    No it won't. That's basically one of the absolute weakest graphics cards out there right now. It can't even run Skyrim at the lowest settings above 10 fps, presumably at a resolution of 1280x720. It'll be near impossible to do any gaming with that, and I'm not even sure how it'd fair with very casual gaming.

    I assume that's a notebook, so my recommendation is to get a new laptop entirely.
  2. The Radeon HD 7310 is a pretty weak graphics core in a pretty weak AMD E1-1200 APU released last year. The E1-1200 APU is basically a E-300 APU with a 100MHz increase in clockspeed for the CPU core. The Radeon HD 7310 is just a minor update of the Radeon HD 6310.

    Those APUs are meant for netbooks. You can check out some Youtube gameplay videos in the following link where the poster plays some games with the Radeon HD 7310.
  3. /facepalm

    Kids these days, eh?
  4. Tabris DarkPeace said:

    Kids these days, eh?

    He's asking a legitimate question. There's no need to rebuke him for it. After all, everyone's gotta start somewhere.
  5. Mabey on low I can run skrim and black ops 2 on low at 25-35FPS on low so you might be ok
  6. I'm really confused about AMD e1-1200 APU. I was renting one that had a Quad-Core, not a dual-core. I played Star trek online with it on medium to high and it looked and played great. My friends what am I missing here? Is STO just not that demanding of a game? I do know that if I buy the same desktop from Hp is only a dual processor, but believe me when I say the one I was renting had a quad core with the same Radeon in it as mentioned above.
  7. The quad core version of AMD's low end E series APUs is the E2-3800 which runs at 1.3GHz. The Radeon HD 8280 is a bit weak since it is less powerful than the Intel HD 4000 graphics core.

    STO is not very graphically demanding as long as you set the graphics on low settings and keep the resolution to 1366x768. Higher settings means lower FPS; for some people low FPS is okay, for others it may not be acceptable. Playing the main story missions should be fine I guess. But performance in the queued PvE missions may not be as good. 5 player missions like the Borg STFs (you need to be at least level 44) could still be decent enough to play, but in missions that have 10 players like Crystalline Catastrophe you are likely to see low performance.

    I would generally avoid getting laptop with a low end AMD E series APU. The minimum I would recommend is a laptop with AMD's A8-6410 APU if budget is a primary concern. Assuming you live in the US, and you want to keep costs down, then consider the following Acer Aspire laptop with the Core i5-4210u and the Intel HD 4400 for $380 which is more powerful than the A8-6410 APU and the Radeon R5 graphics core.

    There's the following Toshiba Satellite laptop selling for $300 with the AMD A8-6410 APU, but it only comes with 4GB of RAM and you cannot add more RAM.
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