AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3 GHz AM2 Dual Core

I'm looking for a graphics card.
Someone else suggested a 7750,
well let me be more specific. i'm running a Dell c521.
I'm honestly just wanting a entry level pc enough to play CS 1.6 - GO And CoD2-6(max)
Is the 7770 or the 7750 honestly going to work with those games no problem?
Sorry, I just wanna triple check before i spend my money and end up F***ing up.
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  1. HD7790 or HD78xx XT variant would be better.

    What video cards does your motherboard and PSU support though?
    Most good video cards need extra power.
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    Your issue is going to be your quite dated cpu. Even a 7750 is going to be more than plenty of graphic card for your processor to handle. Although you should get good performance for the old games you are talking about. If you want to play modern games though, you need a whole new system.
  3. That's the thing, it's a dell c521 stock.
    here are the specs:
    it sais it supports 64 bit 2.1 16x PCI-e
  4. @jitpublisher Argh, I'm sorry. But i thank you that you answered part of my question. But i feel like i keep having to repeat myself and everyone is giving me the same answer *if you want to play newer games just buy a whole new computer* i don't mean to come off edgy, But i'm sick of this reply. I chose this old computer cause i just wanna play the games i listed nothing more graphically or cpu challenging. i'm sorry, But i'm about to say f*ck it and order some parts and pray that it will work. Entry level. ENTRY LEVEL.
  5. I honestly want, What's just enough. Cause if i buy a 7750 i feel like i'm buying more for the same performace as a lower card on the games cause of my cpu. Am i right?
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