Which backup media is best and efficient?

Hi there, I have been out of touched with tech for a while now, and hope someone could help me with some storage advise (hopefully don't laugh) :).

I have a MacBookPro (750GB), and the following external HDDs:
- 1.5TB WD 3.5"
- 500GB WD 3.5"
- 250GB Seagate 3.5"
- 640GB Seagate FreeAgent Go
- Seagate 3TB Desktop Drive

Currently, I can't back up my MBP HDD to Seagate 3TB Desktop due to an unexplained problem. My intention now is to backup my MBP HDD, 1.5TB WD, 500GB WD, and some files in Seagate Desktop Drive.

I understand that solely backup to any HDD is not safe as there's no mirrored HDD to fall back on when that HDD fails. I'm thinking of copying some important files to DVDs (4.7GB), but I think this would require high volume of disks. I also do not wish to invest in a NAS system (cheapest here in Singapore is about US$300.

In my case - should I use DVDs to backup some of these HDDs? Should I invest in a 2-drive NAS?

Thanks so much for helping.

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  1. Every problem has an explanation, try to explain it so we could try out something for you.
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    DVD are initially cheap. a 100 pack here is 20 to 25 while archival quality is $1/disk and up.
    Since you'd rather not spend $300 I don't see much other choice aside from maybe another pair of 2tb external drives. (make 2 backup copies.)
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