Anybody know about AMD athlon II x4 645

Hello guys, i wanted to ask if you know why do i get screen of death while overclocking athlon II x4 645 ? I got m4a77t motherboard. With geforce gt 430 i could do some and it took a while till the screen of death but with hd 6850 it takes seconds and systems crashes. I've tried checking some guides but im not good at it and btw overclocking video card worked just fine. There are OC profiles in bios, if i set 2% i can work on windows for two minutes if i set 5%+ windows crashes once they start loading.
I also got FPS 500watt (good quality) so power is not the issue.
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  1. need more info that power supply, maybe have more than one 12v+ rails... and that m4a77t its about now 3 years old. when u get that gear?
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    most likely culprits are Ram or voltages.
    You are overclocking the ram, Hyper Transport, Northbridge PCI_E etc. when you overclock.

    read this guide and then read it again until it makes sense to you.
    If you follow this guide you should be set for overclocking your CPU.
  3. Hello... when overclocking your CPU FSB, your memory will get overclocked too... memory is not good for overclocking as a CPU... underclock your memory as you overclock your CPU.
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