AMD Bulldozer FX-6100 6 Core Upgrade

I will get straight into my question i currently don't have a great pc it runs games on low/medium and when i take a test at:

It always says its my CPU which is letting me down and not my graphics card. The cpu i have is a AMD Athlon II X2 250 which has a rubbish score of only 1737 on

Of course i want to upgrade this to something much faster such as but i don't really want to have to upgrade my motherboard thou because of price problems and my current motherboard is a so my question is will my motherboard be able to handle this new CPU?

Thanks In Advance

Ps Please don't say i hate amd i am only getting a amd because it is cheaper than intel
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  1. To suport an FX you need a mobo with a AM3+ socket, yout mobo seems to only suport am3 phenom and athlon, so i believe that you cannot upgrade to a FX cpu. best of luck finding something else.
  2. Unfortunately for your wallet, you will have to upgrade your motherboard if you want that processor... The board only supports Phenom/Athlon
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