hd 7950 or geforce gtx 760...plezz help me guys..

Which graphic card would be best...I want to play upcoming games on high settings....which card would be best for this cpu...Amd gx 6300 3.5 ghz 6 core cpu...plezz help...I want to play on a max resolution....if this cards not supports it...suggest me another in the budget of $200...thankzz...or give the best card among this two...thankzz...
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More about 7950 geforce gtx 760 plezz guys
  1. Either will do fine, for the same price the GTX760 is the slightly more powerful but if you can get the HD7950 cheaper then it is the performance/price winner.
  2. GTX760 for sure because Nvidia are the best for gaming but as my friend said rolli59 HD win in the price :D i would go GTX :D
  3. If you're already paying $250.00 + I'd say add $50 and get yourself an R9 280X. Otherwise do what what rolli said.
  4. Warleech said:
    GTX760 for sure because Nvidia are the best for gaming but as my friend said rolli59 HD win in the price :D i would go GTX :D

    Yep Nvidia are the best... that's why AMD just released a GPU for $550
    that's more poweful than the $1000 Titan.
  5. Nvidia is currently dominated at pretty much every price point.
    With the GTX 760 being the sole exception.

    With that said, I'd say go for the R9 280X.
    While it may be a more expensive than the GTX 760, performance wise it competes with the more expensive GTX 770.
  6. Ok...thankzz for the help...if I get the card which you told the r9 280x...what would be difference for playing games...?
    Would it offer me a great graphic or slightly difference in graphic...?
    And on which resolution and setting I can play on bf4 with both the card
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    Here you can see the difference
    7970 and R9 280X both handle ultra settings at 1080P
  8. Hey I saw the difference...I am going to take a the r9 280x....thankzz for the help...listen just one more help..would the card support my configuration...?
    Amd fx 6300 3.5 ghz 6 core cpu
    Cooler master hyper 212 evo 82.9cfm sleeve cooler
    Msi 970A g43 atx am3 + mother board
    Gskill ripjaws series 8gb 2×4 ddr3 1600 ram
    Wd caiver blue 1 tb 3.5" 7200rpm internal hd
    R9 208x Graphic card
    NZxt source 210 elite atx mid tower case
    Xfx 550w 80 plus bronze certified atx 12v eps 12v ps
    Lite-on ihasi24-04 dvd/cd writer
    Asus vh238h 23"1080p led monitor with ingraded speakers
    Would all this be good together...?
    Thankzz for the help...
  9. Yes it will work with that.
  10. thankzz for helping guys..:)
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